Six partner organizations from five European countries – Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Poland, and Slovenia have cooperated to implement the Erasmus+ project "Silver Grow - career guidance and digital education for enterprise senior workers."

As part of the Silver Grow project activities in Work Package n°2 - Forum group for exchanging ideas and practices, we conducted comprehensive, in-depth interviews in each partner country with 25 employers and 25 employees, ensuring a thorough understanding of the situation.

The in-depth interviews aimed to gain a rough insight into the practice of companies in the occupational integration of employees 50+.

The interview results were summarized in a Synthesis Report.  It provides initial findings into the challenges, needs, expectations, and barriers in company culture, personnel leadership, personnel management, digital transformation, work organization, health, innovation, and knowledge transfer.  The Silver Grow partnership will utilize the findings from the in-depth interviews when defining senior workers' support measures.

The Synthesis Report with findings from the in-depth interviews can be downloaded from here: LINK

The first Panel for experts took place in an online meeting on 27th April 2023 in Katowice. It presented issues relating to people 50+, including their situation in the Polish labor market in statistical terms, the competencies currently desired by employers, and the aspect of 50+ employees in the context of the digitization of enterprises. After the presentations, the floor was taken by experts who answered questions about their experiences of employing 50+ people.

Full information: LINK

As part of the Silver Grow Erasmus+ Project, we carried out desk research on the labor market situation of older people in all partner countries - Slovenia, Poland, Finland, Germany, and Bulgaria. The results showed that all countries participating in the research face the same problems (aging population, declining birth rates). As a result, all countries are experiencing an increasing number of older workers who still need to work, as the retirement threshold is rising and pensions are decreasing.

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